The Amorim Group’s long successful record dates back to 1870 with the launch of a small family-run cork producing unit to supply the local wine industry in Portugal.

Over nearly one and a half centuries, the Group has grown substantially through product diversification, international expansion and quality improvement. With sustainaibility at its heart, the Amorim Group story is one of gradual growth ensuring the best outcomes for customers whilst giving consideration to the environment, the community and shareholders.

Today, the Amorim Group holds a leading position in the cork industry.  The Group has also expanded into other sectors including real estate, tourism, telecommunications, textiles, and wines.



António Rios de Amorim - Chairman, Corticeira Amorim


Organisation Structure



Amorim aims to strengthen its leadership position in the cork industry as follows:

  • continuous international expansion;
  • permanent development of the R&D and Innovation area;
  • investments in human resources and motivation;
  • quality certification of products and processes.

Ensure the sustainable growth of the Group by means of investments in sectors and geographical areas with superior potential and returns:

  • Identify companies with proven potential that require additional finance and expertise
  • Execute investments following through investment valuation procedures
  • Sponsor change in the portfolio companies, with discipline and entrepreneurial spirit to enable companies to achieve all their potential, whilst creating value to the shareholders.